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Considering the switch to all digital marketing efforts? Think again!⠀

Print media is still an incredibly powerful medium for marketing and data suggests that it’s actually in the midst of a big resurgence. In 2017, print marketing response rate surged by 190% with 43% more customers responding to direct mail than 2016. ⠀

Here are our top five marketing materials to increase sales:⠀
1) Brochures⠀
Ever realized that the brochure you received at a trade show is now on your desk, or in your boardroom? Brochures have sticking power. Especially well-designed ones - we can help with that.

2) Catalogues⠀

If you have many products or services available, a catalogue with premium design and quality paper options is a great way to present your business to prospective buyers or clients.⠀

3) Business Cards⠀
Business cards are incredibly important for any form of person-to-person networking, often the first piece of content exchanged between people at trade shows, meetings, lectures, seminars and meet-ups of all types.⠀

4) Flags, Signs & Banners⠀
Signage is obviously a necessity for the brick-and-mortar store. Focus on sleek modern design for your signage and flags to attract attention and keep customers coming.⠀

5) Direct Mail Postcards
Direct mail promotions in postcard form are as popular as ever. They easily stand out from the pile and with simple two-sided design, a customer doesn't need long to understand what you're selling.⠀

The key to great print marketing is awesome graphic design. With eye-catching colours, interesting formats and high-quality materials, you can ensure that your print sifts up to the desktop, not down to the bin!⠀